A charming puzzle platform game in which you have to get the toy bunny to the little girl for her birthday.

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"As a birthday present, an old toymaker stitches a new toy bunny for his granddaughter. Brought to life after an unknown amount of time, embark on a journey with Patches to navigate and solve puzzles to repair and deliver a magical music box to her. In these challenging levels, use the power of the music box to create platforms to bring you closer to your goal!"


This game was developed as part of the Game Design Experience and Game Development Experience courses at the University of California Santa Cruz, and it has a real charm all of its own. The puzzles require some decent lateral thinking, especially once you add the component to the music box that allows you to drop platforms in the air - which you can jump on, but only before they fade away. Using this mechanic you can reach higher places and the story starts to unfold.

Well worth seeing if you can get the bunny to the girl.

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